Harduf  Organic Farm
About us
In Harduf our ecological view has led us to start bio-dynamic agricultural activity right from the foundation of the community in 1982. Today, we have about 1,000 km2 (= 100 hectares) of land, which we cultivate for growing vegetables, various types of seeds, fodder for the cows and an olive plantation. For the fields we use bio-dynamic compost from the Harduf dairy farm.

The Harduf dairy was founded in 1992 as the first organic dairy in Israel. After first gaining experience in organic agriculture, we then decided to establish a dairy farm in order to complete the cycle of agricultural activity. Today we have a quota of 2.2 million litres per annum.
During the year 2002, after twenty years of activity, we came to see that the best structure for a correct agricultural management would be to found an agricultural association which would include the dairy, the dairy farm, the agricultural farm and the vegetable market in Harduf, all united into one body.

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