Harduf  Organic Farm
The agriculture in Harduf includes growing fresh vegetables for the market, growing vegetables and herbs for organic seeds, growing plants which serve as fodder for the cows, a plantation of organically grown olive trees producing olives for the market, and preparing compost for the fields as well as for sale.
The size of the cultivated area is about 1000 km2 (= 100 hectares).

The organic agriculture in Harduf is supervised by the following supervising companies

Agrior – a company founded by the Israel Bio Organic Agriculture Association (IBOAA).
Owned by the Plants Production & Marketing Board, Agrior is also authorised by the United States Department of Agriculture and by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). These give Agrior the power to supervise the export to Europe and USA as well as to the local market.

P.P.I.S. – Plant Protection and Inspection Services. Organic certification.

"Tuv Hasadeh" – We are members of the Israel Bio-Organic Agriculture Association (I.B.O.A.A.).
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