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Dairy Farming

Raising cows the organic way is part of a concept which views the cow as comprising the heart of the entire agricultural activity on a farm. The organically-run cowshed is the first supplier of manure to the fields. 
From the beginning the dung is handled in a suitable way in order to turn it into stable high-quality manure for the plants and vegetables grown in the fields. Part of the fodder for the cows is grown in the very fields which were treated with these cows' dung.

  • The organic farm in Harduf grows as much food as possible for our cows.
  • All the dung from our cow-shed returns to our fields as compost.
  • The cow eats food grown according to the organic Bio-Dynamic method, adhering to international standards.
  • The cows do not get genetically-modified foods.
  • The cows' food contains only plant-based ingredients and some minerals.
  • The cows do not receive any hormones.
  • The cows are treated using palliative and alternative medicine.
  • No chemical medicaments are used.
  • There is an emphasis on providing improved living conditions for the cows.
  • The calves are grown from their first day according to the organic method, which includes feeding on pure cows' milk, free of any additives and without any milk substitutes.
  • The cows and calves are not fed any foods which contain ingredients from animal origin.
  • The organic cow-shed is supervised by a supervising company for organic produce ("Agrior"). 

In Addition to keeping a high milk quality, we find ways which turn the cow-shed from an environmental hazard to a rehabilitating factor contributing to the society and the environment:
  • Correct handling of the cow-dung and turning it into compost.
  • Cultivating the cow-shed's surrounding environment.
  • Turning the cow-shed and dairy into a day-workshop by employing people with special needs.
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