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Water Recycling

The water purification system which was installed in our dairy farm was inaugurated on the 15th of March 2006.
The idea of building the system was discussed for the first time over fourteen years ago.
 We have now finally managed to complete the project. Involved in it are "Harduf Planning", "Harduf Gardening", "Palgei Mayim", Mr. Uwe Burke from Germany, and many more people who participated in planning the project and carrying it out.
We use this opportunity to thank everyone who helped this project to materialise.

How does it work? 

All the water in the cow-shed is drained into a settling basin, where the solids are separated from the water. The solids are taken out every few weeks, added to the rest of the dung collected from the cow-shed and used for the making of compost for the fields.

The liquids are pumped out of the settling basin into a tightly sealed pond which has been filled with stones of various kinds. The bottom layer consists of larger stones, which get finer the closer one gets to the top. Bacteria develop around the gravel which work to disintegrate the dung. In the pond will be planted plants and reeds of various local types, whose roots will keep the system aerobic. There are three such ponds, and the water will go through all three, ending up in a final draining pond. After we receive all the necessary permits from the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Health, we will pump out the water and use it for watering the garden around the cow-shed.
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